Duplicate Filter-- Best Dupe File Eliminator Freeware

Duplicate Filter is the best software to eliminate dupe files on your computer, no matter it is a Windows PC or a MAC machine. With the fast scan on your hard drives, this duplicate file eliminator can easily find and remove dupe files in seconds, so that you can free up your hard disks and make your pc work faster than before. The free edition is available. You may download and evaluate this dupe file remover program.

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Key Features

User-friendly user interface

Duplicate Filter has an intuitive interface, which is pretty easy and especially suitable for beginners to use.

Multiple compare modes
Duplicate Filter supports many compare modes. You can check for unwanted files by Name, Name+Size, Name+Content, Content(Exact), Content(CRC Sampling), and Size.

Scan multiple paths
You can add multiple drives or folders for scanning duplicates.

Search for duplicate songs (MP3 Tag)
Duplicate Filter is a Windows music duplicates checker. Using it, you can search your computer for duplicate music by Title, Artist and Album.

File protection
Duplicate Filter allows you not to scan protected files, like system folders or hidden files. You just need to simply check “Do not scan system folder”, “Do not scan hidden files” in “Settings”, or “Do not scan the following file types” in "Settings". Then, you can locate and erase those double files in a secure way.

Multiple options to cope with the results

When the results are displayed in the result filed, you can right click a duplicate file to select whatever option you want, “open folder”, “delete”, “move to recycle bin”, “rename”, etc.

Application Log
All removal actions (Delete, Rename and Move) and details are maintained in the Application Log. You can check your delete files history there to see what action you have performed and what time you did that.

Permanent freeware

Even though Professional edition, its upgraded version, needs to be paid, it is low-priced and comes with permanent license, while other duplicate file remover softwares are expensive and need you to pay each month. Free download of the dupe file finder lets you understand it is the best option for you delete dupe files on your pc.


Specialty Feature

If you love music and often download Mp3 from Internet, multiple unnecessary song duplicates may be scattered in your system. If you want programs to get rid of duplicate songs for your Windows 7, Duplicate Filter is a helpful dupe music eliminator freeware for you. As mentioned in the Key Features section,duplicate music file finder features Duplicate Filter. It supports searching for dupe Mp3 by Title, Artist and Album. So how can you locate and remove duplicate music files using Duplicate Filter? Please take a look at the following steps.

1. Run Duplicate Filter on your Windows 7 and click "Settings".

2. Select Title, Artist or/And Album on "Mp3 Tag".

3. Click "Find Duplicates" and select folders or drives to scan copied songs.

4. Select "Mp3 Tag" in "Compare Mode"

5. Choose "Music Files" in File Types or edit more types in "Music" tab

6. Adjust the scan speed.

7. Click "Scan" button. Then a chart will show whether there are unwanted music duplicate files in your chosen destinations.

8. Close the chart and a specific search results window will be displayed by Group/Name/Path/Size/Modified date, ect.

9. Right Click the results and choose any resolve option you want (Open Folder/Delete/Move to Recycle Bin/Rename/Move to Folder/ Move to Folder (With File Directory Structure)).

10. Finish.

Duplicate Filter is a free duplicate music cleaner to help you manage your Mp3 file collection. If you have got a disorganized music library that is probably full of dupe music, please free download and use Duplicate Filter software to track your music files duplicates and delete them to make your music library organized.


Now come to a quick look about how to find multiple copied files in Windows 7 using Duplicate Filter.

1. Starting finding duplicates: Click "Find Duplicates" button to begin scanning duplicates

2. Selecting folders to scan duplicates: Click "Add Folder" to choose folders (or entire drive) in which you want to search for cloned files and then click "Confirm" button. To add more, repeat the process. If you need to cancel the folders or drive you have chosen, you can select it and click " Delete".

3. Choosing the compare mode and file type: Duplicate Filter supports multiple compare mode, Name, Name+Size, Name+Content, Content(Exact), Content(CRC Sampling), Size, Mp3 Tag. It also allows to scan many file types, Documents, Pictures, Compressed Files, Video, Music, User-defined, and also let you add new file types in different tabs.

4. Adjusting scanning speed:You can adjust the searching speed from slow to fast.

5. Click "Scan" to start scanning duplicates: In a matter of seconds after your click "Scan", charts will be displayed to show the percentage of the redundant files.

6. Starting coping with the searched duplicates: Close the charts windows and then a specific scanned results will be displayed by Name, Path, Size, Modifed date, ect.

Then you can choose any option you prefer to deal with those duplicates, Open Folder, Delete, Move to Recycle Bin, Rename, Move to Folder, Move to Folder(With File Directory Structure). You can also choose batch select and batch resolve selected.

7. Finish

In addition to finding duplicates in specified search scope, Duplicate Filter has another two features: Compare two specific files by CRC & Scan duplicates to a specified file in a defined search scope.

Compare two files by CRC
If you need to find out whether two files are the same, you can use Duplicate Filter, which can help you save your time any energy.

1. Click "Tool"-"File CRC Compare Tool"
2. Open File 1 and File 2, which you want to compare
3. Click “Compare” button to start comparing. If you want to cancel the process, please click "Stop" button.

When the comparing is completed, it will pop up a window to show whether those two files are the same or not.

Search duplicates to a specified file in defined scope
Duplicate Filter allows to specify a file and find its identical files in a specified scope.

1. Click "Tools-Duplicate File Search Tool"
2. Add the searched folder and select search mode
3. Click "Start" to begin scanning.

When the searching is completed, it will display whether there are duplicates or not.

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After finding out the duplicate files, How do I get rid of them?

After the searching process finishes, you may find multiple duplicates on your Windows 7, which is the main cause to slow down Windows operating speed. So you need to remove them immediately.
You can right click a found duplicate and select your preferable solution "Delete/Move to Recycle Bin/Rename/Move to Folder".
You can also click “Batch Select” button to select files and then

click “Batch Resolve Selected” to resolve them.

Using Duplicate Filter, you can also locate the largest files that take over your Windows 7.

1. Click "Tool-Largest Files Remover"
2. Select largest 10 files, largest 50 files or others as you like.
3. Choose file types or you can add more to the existing types by editing.
4. Click "Scan" button

When the results are displayed, you can choose to delete or move the largest files to other folders.

These are the instructions about how to locate and delete duplications. It is very easy.

Duplicate Filter is a helpful utility for anyone who wants to tidy up his/her Windows 7 by instantly identifying and eliminating dupe pictures, Mp3 and videos and other file types. It offers safe duplicate finding solutions. Are you looking for free programs to erase duplicate files, please free download Duplicate Filter for a free trial.


If you are an active user and like downloading music, videos from Internet, over time, you probably have a cluttered hard disk with numerous unnecessary files. All these duplicate files take over your hard drive and slow down the running speed of your computer, even worse, they may make your machine crashed. You may ask such questions," How do I search my hard drive for duplicate files? How can I remove such junk files from my Windows 7?" It can be helpful to use dupe remover software. Among many duplicates detecter and deleter applications, Duplicate Filter is the best program designed to find and remove duplicate files. Using Duplicate Filter, you can erase photo duplicates, music duplicates and much more file duplicates. It is best software for deleting unwanted files,applications and software. To let you further know about this unnecessary files manager utility, please download and install the software to review of its benefits, features and solutions.


* Save your money by offering free version and low-priced Professional edition

* Save your time and energy ( No need to manually search in your folders one by one)

* Greatly increase free up space for your Windows 7

* Speed up system running

* Lessen back up time and size

* Help you manage your photos, MP3, video collection

* Protect your system files and hidden files from unexpectedly deleting


Download page:http://www.duplicatefilter.com/Download.asp

Home Page:http://www.duplicatefilter.com