Duplicate Filter - Free software to clean up duplicate files on Computer

Duplicate Filter is the best free duplicate file cleaner, which can instantly find and clean duplicate files on your computer no matter the computer is a Windows PC or Mac machine. You can rename, move or remove duplicate files after finding duplicate photos mp3 music, songs, pictures, images, videos, documents and other files.


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Duplicate Filter -- You best free duplicate file cleaner for Windows PC and MAC !


As you know, cleaning up duplicate files one by one is a very tedious job and will cost you a lot of time. How to clean duplicate files on hard drive, where tons of junk files are growing up? It is not feasible to delete the duplicate files manually. You may need a software program to clean up duplicate pictures, photos, mp3 music files on your computer efficiently. Duplicate file cleaner freeware will be welcomed by many users if it can truely clean duplicate files free. Duplicate Filter is a cleaner of duplicate files, which is a very good computer program to clean up doubled files or cloned files. It can fast scan your hard drives and search all the repeated files, and provide you the best way to manage duplicate files. Therefore, if you are looking for free software to clean up music duplicates or any double files on your PC or Mac, Duplicate Filter is best double files cleaner for you.


How to clean up duplicate files on computer :

  • Download a file cleaner software program, like Duplicate Filter

    Install and run the free duplicate file cleaner, download it from www.duplicatefilter.com/download.asp

  • Scan duplicate files with the duplicate cleaner software

    If you want to clean up your computer duplicate files, you must scan your computer firslty to find out where your duplicates files are located

  • Decide which files you need to perform duplication cleanup

    For the purpose of cleaning duplicate files, you may choose which junk duplicate files should be deleted. Duplicate Filter offer you many convenient methods to select for file cleanup.

  • Clean all duplicate files fast

    You can easily remove duplicate files from harddrive with the smart free duplicate cleaner.


If you need to clean duplicate files, maybe you will search around the Internet to find a powerful duplicate file remover. You may also ask your friends:" how can i clean up duplicate files for free ?" If there is a duplicate file file cleaner freeware product, definitely it is good news for individual users. Duplicate Filter is such a kind of free software for duplicate file cleanup. No matter you have many music files or photos that is duplicated over a few years, you need to find a tool to search for them and clean up repeated files that occupy your hard disk space. After duplicate cleanup, your computer can not only free up a lot of disk space, but also can run faster than before. Duplicate Filter is free duplicate file finder and cleaner, which allows you to make a free scan in your hard disks and find out duplicate files instantly, and then sweep dupicate files. So don't hesitate to download Duplicate Filter, and you will know how to clean up duplicate files.

Here are some features of Duplicate Filter, that is free duplicate cleaner software:

  • Find duplicate files by varying degree of similarity

    Duplicate Filter can be your cloned files cleaner. It can search for duplicatesor similar files in any folders by Cyclic Redundancy Checksum (CRC), CRC+Name (Exact), Name and Size,etc. Free download and free scan! Work with Windows systems including Winows 7.

  • Search duplicates for a user specified file

    Scan your computer or shared folders on neighbour computers in your network to see if there are any duplicates that are identical or similar to a specified file.

  • Clean or resolve duplicate files in your desired ways

    You can rename, move and clean your selected duplicate files easily. You can instantly locate a duplicate file file in results by inputting part of the file name. In the free version of this duplicate remover software, you can remove duplicate files you checked.

  • Compare two files by CRC to determine whether they are duplication

    Check whether two files are identical by using CRC32 comparison.

  • Find and remove the largest files

    Locate the large files that occupy your diskspace, and delete useless big files. Free up your hard disk.

  • Permanent freeware is available !

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As a normal computer user, you don't master many technical skills to solve some problems which Windows system doesn't provide a tool to handle, such as "how can i cclean up duplicate files on my computer ? " However, duplicates cleanup is necessary for many users who use a computer for a couple of years, because there are millions of duplicate photos, documents, music files (mp3s, songs, etc.), which are accumulated by everyday computer activities. Despite this issue is not imminent, any delay will cause more unwanted duplicate files stored in your computer. Duplicate Filter is a good program to detect and clean duplicate files. With this duplicate cleaner freeware, you can find and delete duplicate files easily. it is the best software for cleaning double files.


Duplicate music cleaner

If you are are a music lover, you may download many songs, mp3 or music files and store them in your itunes or computer. You may need clean up duplicate mp3 files or other double songs if you downloaded them repeatedly. Duplicate Filter is a perfect duplicate music cleaner. How can i clean up my music files for free ? If you need "clean up my music files for free", Duplicate Filter is a good option for you because it can provide duplicate cleaner free download, but also it has a permanent free version to clean duplicate songs.


Photo duplicate cleanup software

Duplicate Filter is also a duplicate file photo cleaner. You may like to take photos everywhere and transfer them into your desktop or laptop. Or you like to download some art or beautiful pircutres from Internet. But some of them are same or similar. Usually those photos, pictures or images will cost you much disk space. You need to find a free duplicate photo cleaner to scan your hard drive for cleaning double pictures. Particularly, if you are a professional photographer, maybe you bring a laptop in which you store the millions of photos. Thousands of them may be similar or identical. How to clean up duplicate photos in laptop to free up the hard disks ? Please try Duplicate Filter that is best free program to clean duplicate photos.


Double file cleaner

Duplicate Filter is a powerful utility for locating and removing duplicate files in a folder and all its sub folders. This duplicate file finder freeware uses CRC comparison technology to find duplicate files in all hard drives and folders. It will compare the content of your files so it will find duplicates even if they are using different file names. It will analyze the content of the files in order to check similar files including their file attributes like name and size as the other duplicate file finders do. Duplicate Filter offer you with the best way to clean out duplicate files off your computer.


Reliable duplicate cleaner

Why is Duplicate Filter the best duplicate file remover to let you know how to clean out duplicate files from computer reliably ? There are many other duplicate cleaners in the market, lilke easy duplicate file finder. But many of them are expensive, and some file duplicater cleaners are not safe because you can use them to clean out ducplice files from computer but they wipe out everthing from your pc, including some important system files. Duplicater Filter has options to let you exclude some useful files. All the files cleaned by the software will be those are truely unwanted and useless files. It is safe for you to perform the duplication cleanup process. You only cean out duplicate and old files that waste your diskspace.


Duplicate Cleaner for MAC and Windows PC

Duplicate Filter can not only find and remove duplicate files in Windows platforms.


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Where to buy duplicte file cleaners ?

You don't need to go to a phisical store to buy a cheap and simle duplicate cleaner software. It is an easy way to get the duplicate file remover tool from Internet. You just need to go to http://www.duplicatefilter.com/, and then clik the Buy Now page. And fill some forms with a few required information, and you will complete an order within one minute. You can pay by credit card, paypal and other payment methods. After purchasing the duplicate cleanup software, you will get an order number, and then you can register Duplicate Filter with the order number. Even though the freeware version of Duplicate Filter also allows you to sweep duplicate files but it only lets you get rid of five files at a time, so it is necessary for you to upgrade the free version to the professional version by placing an order online and registering the software.


Why is finding duplicated files useful ? Because it will fully optimize your computer. You may not realize how many duplicate files you have after downloading many files from the Internet. Your hard drives may be full of ducuments, MP3, pictures, images, photos, and video and many of them are redundant. Duplicating files are usually useless and unnecessary, and keeping them is merely a waste of valuable hard disk space.


Duplicate Filter is a very good duplicate cleanup software. With this duplicate file sweeper, you will know how to find and delete duplicate files. Then the duplicate cleanup will speed up your computer machine.

If you are seeking a free duplicate file finder, please try our software Duplicate Filter! With Duplicate Filter, you can find and delete duplicate files instantly and easily. It is the fastest and most accurate program of its kind. It will quickly scan your computer for duplicate files and show the results in an easy to understand report.

Duplicate Filter is a powerful tool for finding and removing duplicate files in a folder and all its sub folders. This duplicate file finder freeware uses CRC checker to compare files accurately.

Duplicate Filter is not just a simple redundant documents checker, but really a strong and fast duplicate file finder and cleaner. Your computer will not be fully optimized until you've clean all unnecessary clone files. Let Duplicate Filter find and clean out the duplicates! Regain much more valuable disk space and improve computer system performance.


What benefits will you get from Duplicate Filter software ?

  • Clean Duplicate Music, Mp3 and Video

    Delete duplicate files you don't need with this fast duplicated file remover freeware. Duplicate Filter is a free program to remove duplications in your computer.

  • Find and clean Duplicate Photos and Images.

    Find duplicate files in seconds with this finder freeware. Archive computer files easily. And then clean off them!

  • Clean Disk Space

    Scan each folder to find the largest files, and delete those unwanted ! Free up disk space with this free duplicating file cleaner to increase disk space.

  • Compare File Contents

    Compare files by CRC to check file similarity with this crc comparison tool. You can also evaluate this feature in the free version of Duplicate Filter software. You may register the Pro version to try it with no limit. The professional edition is the best duplicate file remover software.

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Duplicate Filter is a useful file duplicate finder to help you manage duplicate files in your home hard drive or corporate network.

You wouldd be very surprised just how many redundant or duplicate files you could find in your computer folders. Duplicate Filter will comprehensively scan for all types of files – MP3’s, films/video, photos, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, and any types of files. Duplicate Filter will find those double or clone files. And you can select many copies to delete or move. These files can be moved to the recycle bin, moved into another folder, renamed or removed permanently.

Duplicate Filter is the best free duplicate file finder for finding and cleaning file duplicates. Cleaning duplicates will also help speed up your pc and save time when you back up folders.

We offer permanent Free Edition and paid Professional Edition. Professional Edition has more powerful features than the Free Edition. Click here to compare editions.

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Please download Duplicate Filter, the best duplicate file cleaner software in the market. You can instantly find and clean duplicates files on PC and MAC computer.