Scan Folders to Find Duplicate Files:

  • Select folders from your computer and neighborhood computer
  • Search similar and duplicate files by CRC, name, size and their combinations
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Duplicate Results Charts:

  • Show charts by duplicate file type, size and quantity
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Resolve Duplicate Files
  • Right click a file to resolve it in your desired ways.
  • You may also click "Select" to select batch files and click "Resolve Selected" to resolve batch files
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  • Set file scan scope on file date, size, and arttribution
  • Skip file type scan or specify file type scan
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Duplicate File Search Tool:
  • Scan folders to find duplicate files for a user specified file.
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File CRC Compre Tool :

  • Compare two files by CRC
Data Maintenance

Largest Files Finder :

  • File types setting
Find Largest Files 1
  • After scanning
Find Largest Files 2
  • Resolve largest files
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