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Best Windows Cleanning Tool

Duplicate files are big burden to clean up, but in order to keep your computer faster you must find a way to trash the duplicate files periodically. But one can not find each and every duplicate file manually,especially if you have huge data in your hard disk.To do this boring and repetitive task we need to go for a software which can make things easier.

Duplicate Filter is one of the best Windows cleaning tool that you can download for free. It can easily find, view and get rid of duplicate files with identical content, regardless of name or location.

Duplicate Filter can give you a hand with de-cluttering your hard drive. It goes out and finds duplicate files, whether they have the same name or not. It finds files with duplicate names. It even finds zero-byte files on your system. Once these files are identified, Duplicate Filter can delete the duplicates, rename or move them to a specific location so that you can verify them before they go away. 

We are listing some of the benefits of this software.

  • The interface is user friendly and very easy to use.
  • The search is performed comprehensively and you get to filter what should be scanned.
  • Multiple duplicate file classification available.
  • You can scan files that are residing on the network too.
  • You can update your software free of cost. Hence all the versions that are released are free for use.
  • You can filter the results after the scan is completed.

Duplicate Filter is a wonderful duplicate and same file finder which helps you to keep you drives well organized. It will pinpoint duplicated files and allow you to clean them up, resulting in less clutter and more free disk space. If you are looking for an easy-to-use, top-rated duplicate search tool to help you, you don't need to go any further. Duplicate Filter is the one that you are looking for!
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