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How to Free Disk Space

When you find that computer is running out of hard disk space,  maybe you will take the following measures:

* Use the disk cleanup tool in Windows.

* Delete the temporary files.

* Empty the recycle bin.

* Compress old files.

* Uninstall unnecessary applications or programs.

After all these steps have been done, but unluckily not so much disk space is released, what will you do next? You can try to use Duplicate Filter with a powerful tool to find large files that is called Largest Files Remover.

With some traditional tools, you have to open folders one by one to check which files can be removed or deleted. But it will be a waste of time if there are large amounts of files there.  What's worse,  what you have cleaned up are only some small files. Therefore, you will figure out not so much disk space has been released.

Actually only a small number of large files occupy most of the disk space. (View the screenshot below)


Try to get rid of these large files, and you can save more disk space.

The tool Largest Files Remover in Duplicate Filter can quickly scan and locate the files with large size in disks. With this powerful tool, you can do as follows:

* Delete a batch of files or delete them one by one.

* Put a batch of files or put them one by one to the recycle bin.

* Move a batch of files or move them one by one to another folder.

From now on, Largest Files Remover can help you easily and quickly free a large amount of disk space.

For more information about Duplicate Filter, please visit our product website


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