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Duplicate MP3 Finder

You may not realize how many duplicate MP3 files you have on your computer or scattered across your home or corporate network. Duplicate files are in most cases redundant and unnecessary, so keeping them is a waste of valuable hard disk space. Your hard drives may be full of extra copies of MP3 files waiting to be removed. Duplicate Filter will help you reclaim your valuable disk space and organize your MP3 collection.

With Duplicate Filter today, you can find and remove MP3 files without any difficulties. It is a piece of cake!

* Scan MP3 fiels by Title

In this way, you can search some MP3 files with the same title although they are in different file names or size
so that you can delete those duplicate MP3 files.

* Scan MP3 files by Artist

You are able to find the MP3 files with the same artist,then move these files to a new folder. Therefore, all MP3 files
with the same artist can be put together.

* Scan MP3 files by Album

You are entitled to to track the MP3 files with the same album, and move them to a new folder so that all these
files with the same album can be put together.

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