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Find & Remove All File Duplicates

You don't know, but you regularly come across copies of files, right? There are various reasons why duplicates appear, but no matter what these reasons are there is not much sense in storing them. Duplicate Filter is a duplicate file remover freeware that comes with all the features you might need for performing the task of finding and removing duplicate files. It is free download for you!

It will take several minutes for Duplicate Filter free software to locate file duplicates. Start the program and press the Scan key to do it. While the program is searching for duplicates, you can have a cup of aromatic coffee.

After search, you can see all duplicates are divided into groups highlighted in different colors for better perception. Remove the duplicates you do not need by selecting them and pressing the Del key. If you want to open a file, double-click it. If you like, you can rename, move or remove the duplicates you do not need.

Please try this Duplicate File Remover freeware for finding and removing all file duplicates! http:///


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