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How to clean up duplicate files

Do you often need to download files from your LAN PCs or Internet so that your desktop accumulates a large number of duplicates? Do you find your own computer run much more slowly than before or sometime even crash while you are chatting with your boss by MSN? I think many of you may encounter these issues.


Duplicate files may enter in your computer due to many user actions, downloading, coping and pasting, ect. No matter how they pile up in hard drive, to make your computer keep “clean” and run fast, they should be removed as soon as possible. However, it is extremely time-consuming to search for and clean up duplicate files manually, especially when thousands of files need finding on your hard drive. Fortunately, there are many utilities created for the purpose of searching those identical files and instantly deleting them. Among these programs, Duplicate Filter is definitely one of the most powerful duplicate cleaner software.


Duplicate Filter is an efficient Free tool designed to instantly scan your computer for duplicate files and display results by category . It runs much more quickly than others in its class and helps you identify and recover wasted disk space in a very safe and reliable way.


So how can you clean up duplicates using Duplicate Filter?




1. Download and install Duplicate Filter software on

2. Launch this duplicate file management program.

3. Click on “Find Duplicates”

4. Add folders in which you would like to search for duplicates. You may select to scan your entire D drive, or only to scan specific folders in a drive or drives.

5. Select compare mode (Name, Name+Size, Name+Content,CRC32,CRC Sampling, Size, Mp3 Tag,ect.)

6. Define which file typed you would like to scan for and clean up. For example, you may want to search for documents, pictures or compressed files, or if you cannot find the one you want, you can add it to the file types.

7. Adjust scan speed. You can freely control the speed of scanning (Slow to Fast).

8. Click “Scan”. A chart will pop up to show whether there are duplicates in the folders or drives you scan.

9. Right click a found duplicate and then select a solution (Delete/Move to Recycle Bin/Rename/Move to Folder, etc.). You can also click “Batch Select” button to select files and then click “Batch Resolve Selected” to resolve them.



In addition to “Find Duplicate” tool, there is another three ways to find duplicates,

“File CRC Compare” , “Duplicate File Search” and “Largest Files Remover”. Using File CRC Compare Tool, you can compare two specific files to see whether they are identical or not.  With Duplicate File Search, you can search duplicates for a specified folder/folders or a drive/drives. And using Largest Files Remover, you can find and remove your unwanted large files to free up hard disk.


A clean computer means faster, more stable computing experience. By performing the above steps, you will get a clean and fast computer.


Want Duplicate Filter to find and remove identical documents on your computer? Please don’t hesitate. Get started now.


The download package comes with a permanent free edition.


For more details about how to use Duplicate Filter to find and remove duplicates, please go to our Online Manual site.


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