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Best Cloned File Remover Freeware

You may often find that you create multiple cloned files as you conduct rename or backup more than you intended. These annoying duplicate files can occupy your hard disk and slow down the running speed of your Windows 7. If you are looking for free duplicate file search and delete software, Duplicate Filter may indeed be the No. 1 choice for you. It can help you locate and eliminate these duplicates and regain the disk space that they have taken over. This

powerful dup detector and deleter has many great and helpful features. It also adds the ability to compare files by CRC and remove largest files. It is speedy, efficient, and offering permanent free version is a definite plus.


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How can I locate duplicates in my Windows 7 using Duplicate Filter?

Multiple repeated files (duplicate photos, mp3, vedio,document ect.) scatter everywhere on your Windows computer, which makes it hard to check and erase those unwanted duplications. Duplicate Filter offers more ways to locate and remove them than other apps do.

Find Duplicates
Duplicate Filter can let you fast scan duplicates in any folder or drive.

1. Click "Find Duplicate"-"Add Folder" button to choose the search
scope, a drive, a folder, or many drives and folders.
2. Select “Compare Mode”:  Name , Name+Size(Fast), Name+CRC(Exact), Content
(Exact),Content(CRC Sampling), Mp3 Tag.
3. Choose file types you want to search:Any type of files, documents, pictures, compressed files, videos, music, user-defined, ect. It also allows you to edit more.
4. Adjust scan speed
5. Click "Scan" button to start your searching. You can also cancel the existing search scope you have defined by simply clicking "Delete".

Compare two files by CRC
If you need to find out whether two files are the same, you can use Duplicate Filter, which can help you save your time any energy.

1. Click "Tool"-"File CRC Compare Tool"
2. Open File  1 and File 2, which you want to compare
3. Click “Compare” button to start comparing. If you want to cancel the process, please click "Stop" button.

When the comparing is completed, it will pop up a window to show whether those two files are the same or not.

Search duplicates to a specified file in defined scope
Duplicate Filter allows to specify a file and find its identical files in a specified scope.

1. Click "Tools-Duplicate File Search Tool"
2. Add the searched folder and select search mode
3. Click "Start" to begin scanning.

When the searching is completed, it will display whether there are duplicates or not.


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How do I get remove of duplicate Windows files using Duplicate Filter?

After the searching process finishes, you may find multiple duplicates on your Windows 7, which is the main cause to slow down Windows operating speed. So you need to remove them immediately.
You can right click a found duplicate and select your preferable solution "Delete/Move to Recycle Bin/Rename/Move to Folder".
You can also click “Batch Select” button to select files and then

click “Batch Resolve Selected” to resolve them.

Using Duplicate Filter, you can also locate the largest files that take over your Windows 7.

1. Click "Tool-Largest Files Remover"
2. Select largest 10 files, largest 50 files or others as you like.
3. Choose file types or you can add more to the existing types by editing.
4. Click "Scan" button

When the results are displayed, you can choose to delete or move the largest files to other folders.


Dupliate Filter is a powerful tool for discovering duplicate and redundant files in your Windows 7. If you are looking for duplicate finder and cleaner programs, please free download Duplicate Filter on our Download Page.

For more information, please enter our Home Page.

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