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Duplicate File Finder Free Download

Do you want to download a program that can find and remove duplicate files from your hard drives? Are you seeking a totally free duplicate file finder and remover? Go to download Duplicate Filter for free and have a free trial experience! It is fast, reliable and easy to use!

Duplicate Filter enables you to find duplicate files across one or more folders or drives. You can choose to match duplicate file by Cyclic Redundancy Checksum (CRC), CRC+Name (Exact), Name and Size,etc. You can also configure a variety of settings to exclude certain file types or folders from the search. Duplicate Filter will then scan the selected folders and produce a list of all duplicate files that have been found. Other features include searching duplicates for a user specified file,  checking if two files are identical, finding and removing the latest files, etc. Read more features here.

How to find and remove duplicate files?

* Scan a hard drive or a folder to find duplicate files

The interface consists of a plain window in which you can easily select folders or harddrive you wish to scan for duplicate files. You can select compare mode, type of files to search, and you can also adjust the scan speed.

 * Select duplicate files you want to delete

The list is organized into groups, which makes it easy to manage the results and process the files. You can select files mannually, or batch select many files at a time so that you can remove duplicates.

* Remove duplicate files or resolve them at your will

The duplicate files can be processed in several different ways, you can choose to delete them, move or copy them to a different folder, or rename them in their current location.

Read more information from the Online Manual, then you will know more exactly how to use this free program.

Why you need download a free program to get rid of duplicate files on pc ?

Almost all computers store duplicate files. Having all the useless duplicate files removed can save large disk space for other programs. So we need to find and get rid the unwanted duplicate files. And it is still a good way to improve the computer respond speed.

Before knowing the ways of finding out and removing duplicate files, it is good to understand what duplicate files are. Duplicate files are not referred to the files with same name. They are defined as the files that are totally same in structures and letters, and there is no modification on any of the files.

Searching out duplicate files is a needful process before removing them. However, it is hard to pick out all duplicate files manually since it is not easy to recognize the tiny difference between these files. The difference may be just a letter or a comma, but it is very important to distinguish it. So to find out duplicate files, we need to call for a duplicate file finder software that is available to find out all the unwanted duplicates on your pc.

A good duplicate file finder will help you find duplicate files easily and delete the duplicates to free up hard disk space. It can search for files with the same name, the same size, and/or the exact same contents. It helps you check each file and decide which one to keep and which one to remove.

Duplicate Filter is such a free duplicate file finder software to let you get rid of duplicate or identical files that are stored onto your system. It can quickly locate any duplicate files on your hard drives, so that you can delete them in order to free up space.

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If you wonder, "What program finds and removes all unnecessary duplicate files from my computer?" That's Duplicate Filter! "How to clear unwanted files on laptop safely?"Try this duplicate file finder freeware to see how it will clear up your unwanted duplicates. If you are looking for duplicate file finder free download, Duplicate Filter can be your top option!  It gives you the best way to search and remove duplicate files. It makes the clean process on your system become easy and safe.Once you have tried Duplicate Filter, you will love it and realize soon that finding duplicaion of files on computer will be easier and faster!

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