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Free Software to Search For Duplicate Files

Are you running out of hard drive space or having difficulty in keeping your images and other files organized? Is your system running less than efficiently? Duplicate Filter goes right to work on your computer, searching for duplicate files, helping you free up valuable system space, improving performance and eliminating time-wasting digital clutter.

Duplicate Filter  is a freeware tool for finding and removing file duplicates on your pc and neighborhood computers. The fast search algorithm allows finding duplicates of any file types, e.g., text, pictures, mp3s,music or movies, etc. It enables you to search for true duplicates with same contents. The powerful search engine comes with fast files check. The duplicate search provides full binary (byte-by-byte) comparison. You also can scan only the filenames for duplicate files. 
Start searching your pc for duplicate files by
downloading a free trial.

More About Duplicate Filter

  • Search is performed in multiple specified folders, network drives, flash drives, memory drives!
  • Search similar and duplicate files by CRC, name,size and their combinations!
  • No more file clones or file duplicates!
  • Duplicate Filter helps you to check, view and remove files that have duplicate content, regardless of name!
  • Duplicate Filter is a powerful double file killer to find double copy of the same files!
  • It can be especially useful if you have large Music, Pictures, Downloads or Documents folders!
  • Clear your computer, music or photo collection from duplicate files!
  • Free up used hard disk space on your PC!
  • Remove duplicate photos and images!
  • Search for duplicates of music and video files
  • Scan MP3 files by Title, Artist and Album!
  • Find and remove duplicate files from computer free - Easily and Anywhere!
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    Feature Highlights

    Duplicate File Search Tool:

    Scan folders to find duplicate files for a user specified file.

    File CRC Compre Tool:

    Compare two files by CRC

    Largest Files Finder:

    * File types setting

    * After scanning

    * Resolve largest files

    For more hands on information about how Duplicater Filter will help you search and delete duplicate files you may view the Online Manual.

    Screenshots Screenshots Download Download BuyNow BuyNow

    Why we should use Duplicate Filter?

    The only thing that comes to our mind when we get low disk space notification is a disk cleanup. Although a disk cleanup is an effective way to reclaim hard disk space by deleting cache and remporary files., but if you want to free up some more space then cleanning up duplicate files will also help you get back large amount of disk space.

    Certainly you can’t imagine spending your weekend in searching duplicate files on your computer manually. When it comes to choose the best product at the best value - we know you have several choices. But no other product is more accurate or more reliable at cleaning your hard drive of duplicate files than Duplicate Filter . It is the most highly downloaded application on the Internet for finding, managing and resolving duplicate files on your computer.

    Why Duplicate Filter? Firstly this duplicate file finder is absolutely freeware and offers more than many other expensive tools. In the program there are many useful functions and features for finding and deleting your duplicate files. This duplicate file remover freeware also helps you to solve duplicate files in your desired ways. You can rename, move and remove your selected duplicate files easily.

    Secondly, Duplicate Filter  is really universal. The program works with all the Windows platforms and even Apple Mac. Do you want to search for duplicate files? There are no problems. Do you want to delete duplicate files? There are no problems too. Duplicate Filter  will help you to choose the type of duplicate files, their location, to make the list of duplicate files you want to remove. Thanks to the duplicate file finder you can choose the way of duplicate files removal – for example, move unnecessary duplicate files to Recycle Bin, remove unwanted files permanently, Rename selected duplicate files, move them to another folder or open the folder they are located.

    Screenshots Screenshots Download Download BuyNow BuyNow

    Benefits of Using Duplicate Filter

  • Reduces backup time and backup costs

  • Organizes files on your computer for easier and faster searches

  • Reduces frustration when looking for specific files
  • Saves disk space
  • Improves efficiency on your desktop, makes searching for files much easier
  • If you are looking for a simple, fast, powerful and flexible free software for your business or for your personal needs to search for duplicate files on a single computer or in a networking environment, you have just found it. Download Duplicate Filter and see yourself what this freeware can do for you!

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    Free Software to Find and Remove Duplicate Files

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