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Find and Remove Duplicate Files on Your PC

How many files do you have on your computer? You probably have too many, and you probably have a lot of duplicate files. Duplicate files are copies of original files which are saved on the system unintentionally. You may be unaware that a file may have multiple copies on your PC. Over time, the bulk of multiple copies become massive. Not only extra hard disk space is consumed because of this, the data access time also increases. Most importantly, this may lead to a lot of confusion and cause human errors.

Finding multiple copies of duplicate files can be a challenge without the right software. What if you need to find and compare files? You can search duplicate files on your hard drive manually too, but searching all the duplicate files manually is a difficult, tedious and time consuming task.Thanksfully, here comes a free software to find and remove duplicate photos, documents, spreadsheets, videos, MP3's, and more! It's Duplicate Filter!

Duplicate Filter – an effective and powerful tool which identifies duplicate files easily and allows you to remove them safely. Removing duplicate files on your PC will help you:

  • Recover wasted disk space
  • Reduce backup time and media
  • Reduce file searching time

Using Duplicate Filter, it’s easy to identify and remove duplicate files on your PC and other networked computers. Duplicate Filter is all you need to remove duplicate files from your computer, notebook, flash and memory drives. No more file clones or file duplicates - now your MP3, music, photo or movie collection is clear from duplicate files with such powerful duplicate file finder and remover as Duplicate Filter!. Start using Duplicate Filter today to remove all duplicate files automatically right now!

Where are downloads to delete repeated files in computer? Download here and get started for free!


* Scan Multiple Sources and Devices

   Add multiple folders / drives for scanning – anything with a drive letter
   Search external devices, such as MP3 players, USB drives, Digital Cameras

* Search for true duplicates (files with same contents)

   Powerful search engine with fast files check
   Full binary (byte-by-byte) comparison
   Compare files by Cyclic Redundancy Checksum (CRC)

*Search for Duplicate Songs (Duplicate MP3 finder)

   Scan your computer for duplicate music
   Compare by Title, Artist, Album

* Flexible File Scan Settings
  Do not scan specified folders or files

  Scan or not scan some file types, and more!

* Duplicate File Management - remove only unnecessary duplicates

   Batch select duplicate files or select them one by one

   Open folder containing selected file

   Move duplicate files to folder

   Move files to Recycle Bin or delete duplicate files permanently
   Easily rename selected duplicates to test which files are safe to delete

*Support Multiple platforms

   Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

   Also compatible with Mac OS x!

* Free Edition is Available

   Enjoy the permanent free version

   Pay and upgrade to Professional version with more powerful features

Screenshots Screenshots Download Download BuyNow BuyNow            BuyNow Online Manual

Can't see full features of Duplicate Filter?

Check out our Features page for feature details.

Can't find how to delete duplicate photos, music from your pc?

Check out our Online Manual page for more information about how to use this double files finder and remover.

Are you seeking a software professional searches for identical files?

Do you want programs to remove redundant files, such as photos, music, etc?

Are you looking for a free software to remove unwanted files completely free download?

Try Duplicate Filter, which can do all of these and much more!

With easy to use tool, Duplicate Filter is one of the best ways to find and remove duplicate files from your PC!

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