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An Easy Duplicate Finder



Duplicate Filter,is a free program design to find and remove duplicate files over a network or remote network.Fast and simple way of duplicate gives you the most accurate results and help you free up your laptop space.A list of find duplicate files can be sorted, exported, and acted upon. A search session including results can be saved. Duplicate files can be remove, moved, or deleted.

You may not realize how many duplicate files you have after downloaded many files from the Internet or duplicate
 files scattered over your home or remote network. Duplicate files are usually waste and unnecessary keeping
 them is only a waste of valuable hard drives space. Your hard drives may be full of documents, iTunes, iPod
, MP3 files , PDF files,Emails, and Video and many of them are unnecessary.

Remove Duplicate Songs 
There may thousands of MP3 files in your computer or remote network laptops,and as time went by,
you may not know how they occupy your computer's space. Duplicate Files are always annoying,
so you need an easy way to find them out and remove them into the recycle bin.Duplicate Filter ,
which can scan redundant files within seconds.There are 3 ways of scanning:

* Scan MP3 files by Title
In this way, you can search some MP3 files with the same title although they are in different file names or size.

* Scan MP3 files by Artist
You are able to find the MP3 files with the same artist,then move these files to a new folder. Therefore,
all MP3 files
with the same artist can be put together.

* Scan MP3 files by Album
If you could not remember the song's name or artist,you can  track the MP3 files with the same album,
and move them to a new folder so that all these files with the same album can be put together.

Check Double files in laptops 
There are several ways of checking duplicate files by Duplicate Filter:
*Search for duplicates or similar files in any folders by Cyclic Redundancy Checksum (CRC), CRC+Name (Exact),
 Name and Size,etc. Free download and free scan! Work with Windows systems including WIn7,Win 8,etc.

*Scan your computer or shared folders on neighbor computers in your network to see if there are any
duplicates that are identical or similar to a specified file.

*You can rename, move and remove your selected duplicate files easily. You can instantly locate a duplicate
 file in results by inputting part of the file name. In the free version of this duplicate remover software,
you can remove duplicate files you checked.

Why Duplicate Filter is important?
Deleting or removing duplicates will help free up the disk space and help fast find out the desired file
 in your PC. Your computer is not fully optimized until you had removed all unnecessary clone files.
Let Duplicate Filter be one of your program  and remove the duplicates! Regain valuable disk space and
improve data quality.

If you are looking for a tool that contains fully functions to  duplicate files that can do some very advanced
 duplicate detection and deletion, then Duplicate Filter is the wise choice. This software can use several file comparison methods, including  CRC comparison, comparison by name, date, size, and even byte-by-byte
 comparison (comparison by file content). These methods are very effective for finding duplicate files and
it guarantees 100% safety and accuracy. In addition to advanced duplicate comparison methods, Duplicate Filter
 has useful file management features, such as Application log,file scan settings.Moreover,you can customize the interface as what color you like.

How to Find Duplicate Files

1. Click "Add Folder" button in "Find Duplicate" section to select the folders you wish.

2. Select Compare Mode: Check by Name+Size, by CRC+Name, by CRC only, by Name only, by Size only.

3. Click "Scan" button and start to find duplicate files.


How to Compare two files by CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check)

1.Click on "Tools - File CRC Compare Tool"

2.Open File 1 and File 2, then click "Compare" button.

3.After comparison is completed, there will pop up a window to indicate whether the two files are the same or not.

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