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Find Same Files on Computer

You may not be aware, but there might be many duplicate files on your windows PC. As you keep using your PC, duplicate files keeps piling up without your notice. These duplicate files contribute to the wastage of your PC's storage space. What worse is that, a lot of duplicate files will lead to a crowded hard drive that will eventually slow down your PC's performance significantly.
Like its easier said than done, it is impossible for somebody to manually search for each and every duplicate files in a PC. Its not a task that we can do easily. So there is a tool which can help you up with the searching duplicate files, but you still have to delete the duplicate files yourself. 

Duplicate Filter is a free duplicate finder software that finds the same files at once in the specified folders and drives. The program compares the contents of found files, a special algorithm makes the comparison very fast. You will be surprised when you see how much there are the same files on your computer.

When the scan is complete Duplicate Filter presents you a list so that you can choose which files to remove and which to keep. You can also rename or move the duplicate files to another folder If you wish.
Setting up Duplicate Filter is simply a matter of installing DuplicateFilter.exe on your computer, then run the progrom immediately. You are then ready to start finding duplicate files right away. You can try out many of the powerful features for yourself in our permanent free version! You may upgrade to Professional or Enterprise edition to get rid of some limitations in the free version.
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Want to find same files on computer? Duplicate Filter can fully meet your needs! Go to download from and have a free trial experience!
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