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Find Duplicate Files and Free Up Disk Space

Does duplicate files affect the speed of your pc?

Duplicate Files can be one of the main reasons that your pc is taking too long to open files and applications. You must be getting frustrated when your machine takes a lot of time to boot up. Finding and delete duplicate files can greatly free up your hard disk space. But how can you search and find out every duplicate file from your huge hard disk?

Duplicate Filter will do a thorough search of your hard disk and find out the two or more duplicate files of the same file which may be stored at different locations. This will give you a comprehensive list of all those files and you can decide for yourself what you want to do with them. This software will give you a detailed analysis of how much space can be saved if you delete the files and what were their original locations so that you know what is delete from where. 

What are the benefits of using Duplicate Filter?
* First and foremost, this software will let you get a hugh amount of space for your use by deleting the files that were at multiple locations and had no use sitting at two different places. 
* The user interface is very easy and you will love the way the whole scanning for duplicate files takes place so you get the search result.
* This software will help you check whethe two files are identical by crc32 comparison.
* This program can locate the largest files which occupy your hard disk space, and delete useless large files.
* You can rename, move and remove selected files in your desired ways. You can instantly find duplicate files by inputting part of the file name.
* There is a free built - in folder size viewer which allows you to view the sizes of all subfolders in seconds.
* The software is compatible with all operating systems irrespective of the version.
* The best thing is that this software is available for free trial. 
Do you need free space? Duplicate Filter can help!
Download a free version of Duplicate Filter and enjoy the multifunctional features right now!


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