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Unwanted File Remover For PC

If you think the performance of your PC has not been up to mark of late, it’s probably time to find duplicate files and delete them. These duplicate files are usually present in multiple locations without your knowing about them. These are the unwanted files that are not only causing clutter but are responsible for the slowing down of your computer. Now you may think that these files do not add up too much, but they cause disk fragmentation and negatively impact your PC’s performance. So its of utmost importance for you to find duplicate files and get them out of your hard disk as soon as possible.

In order to find duplicate unwanted files you need Duplicate Filter . The job of the program is to find duplicate files that are located in multiple locations of your PC and clean up the disk space for you. 

How Duplicate Filter Works?
Step 1 Start Scan
Select locations where you want to find duplicate files and start search.

Step 2 View Report
View the scanning report which shows all the details of the duplicate files

Step 3 Move or Delete
Select the duplicate files and move to other folders or simply remove them with 1 click

With only 3 simple steps, you can get rid of all the annoying duplicates from your pc, removable hard drive, USB flash drive, and other networked computers, keeping all your folders and files well organized. 

It is important for everyone to find duplicate files in order to keep up the performance of their computer. The duplicate files can create quite a menace as they are eating into your precious storage space. Even if you think that you have lots of storage space, it will be prudent for you to find duplicate files and delete them. You may not realise it, but they will surely impact the reading and writing functions of your hard disk. So try Duplicate Filter out to find duplicate files and clean out the space!

For more information about Duplicate Filter software, please visit the product website of this great unwanted file remover for pc: 


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