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Duplicate Files Finder and Remover

Do you need to find and remove duplicate files instantly to free up drive space of your desktop and speed up its running? Do you want to find duplicates for your specified file? Are you looking for a file compare tool? If so, Duplicate Filter may be the one that meets your need and you can rely on.


What is Duplicate Filter?


Duplicate Filter is a powerful and reliable utility to find and remove duplicate documents, pictures, music, video, and many more to free up your disk space. Your desktop cannot be fully optimized until you’ve found and removed all those unnecessary redundant files. If you have many duplicates on your PC, it will directly slow down the running speed of your computer and affect your daily activities, such as backing up files. Removing duplicate files can help you reduce much more storage space for the backups and the time need to perform the backup. Only after you resolve the duplicates can it accelerate back up and reduce the time spent on it. Therefore, it is really important to find out duplicates and resolve them. In this case, Duplicate Filter, a duplicates finder and remover freeware, can perfectly resolve those problems for you. 


Key Features
Scan multiple paths

Duplicate Filter supports you to scan numerous sources by adding multiple drives or folders.
File protection
Using Duplicate Filter, you can choose not to scan protected files, such as system folders or hidden files. You only need to simply tick “Do not scan system folder”, “Do not scan hidden files” in “Settings”, or “Do not scan the following file types”.


Advanced Filtering

Duplicate Filter allows you to customize the file size and date scope freely. You can find and remove the duplicates in your defined size or time scope.  


Multiple options to do with the results

When the results are displayed in the result filed, you can right click a duplicate to select whatever option you want, “open folder”, “delete”, “move to recycle bin”, “rename”, etc.

User-friendly duplicates finder

Clear, attractive and systematic user interface design gives you a quick learning about Duplicate Filter. Helpful online manual guides you through every step of the process.

Compare two files by CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check)

Duplicate Filter allows file comparison by CRC.  First you need to click “File CRC Compare Tool” on “Tools” and then open File one and File 2. Finally click “Compare” button to star comparing. After the comparing is finished, it will pop up a window to show whether the two files are the same or not.


Search duplicates for a specified file

Using Duplicate Filter, you can define a file and then choose the search scope and mode to find out its duplicates. To perform this action, you need to click on “Tools-Duplicate File Search Tool” and then add the folder (or delete folder) to the finding scope and select search mode. Then click “Start”. When the searching is completed, it will display whether there are duplicates or not.


Application logs
All removal actions and details are maintained in the Application Logs. You can check your delete files history there to see what action you have performed and what time you did that.



How to find and remove duplicate files by using Duplicate Filter?


Find Duplicates

1.      Click “Add Folder” button in “Find Duplicate” to choose which folder or drive you want to search.

2.      Select “Compare Mode”: By Name, Name+Size, Name+CRC, CPC, CRC Sampling, Size, MP3 Tag, ect.

3.      Click “Scan” button to start your searching.  Adjusting the scanning speed is also available.


Resolve the searched duplicates

The scanning can be finished in a matter of minute. Then it will display the duplicates in the results scope.  You can right click a file to select a way to resolve it, “open folder”, Open Folder/Delete/Move to Recycle Bin/Rename/Move to Folder.

You can also click “Batch Select” button to select files and then click “Batch Resolve Selected” to resolve them.


If you want to learn more about this powerful and easy-to-use duplicate finder software, please enter our website:


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