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Find Duplicate Files and Free Up Disk Space

Daily computer activity inevitably leads to accumulating identical files on your computer, especially if you are an active PC user. You may have downloaded copies of music and video files, documents and applications from the Internet, shared these files with your friends  but you do not even realize how many same files may be collected on your hard disk from such activities.

Keeping unwanted duplicates on your computer means wasting valuable hard disk space. Duplicate Filter -A free unwanted file remover, will find and delete these unwanted files so you won't experience lack of free disk space! It is the best free program to find and eliminate duplicate files on hard drive.

Benifits of Duplicate Filter:

* Sort and manage your media collections

Media files collections, such as music, video, mp3, images and photos, often become the main source of duplicate files. If you have a music collection of several hundreds or even thousands of mp3 files, you may want to sort them by deleting identical tracks.

With Duplicate Filter, you can sort and manage your media files and increase free disk space needed to enlarge your collection.

* Find duplicate files by content 
Duplicate Filter is a powerful utility for finding and eliminating duplicate files in your computer and neighborhood computers. This duplicate file finder freeware uses CRC theory and has internal preview supporting a lot of images, videos, music and text file formats. It will compare the content of your files so it will find duplicate files even if they are using different file names. It will analyze the content of the files in order to check similar files and not just file attributes like name and size as the other duplicate file finders do.

How to sort and remove duplicate files? How to free up your disk space? Duplicate Filter can help you and do much more! If you are looking for a completely free duplicate file finder remover, please go to free download Duplicate Filter! With Duplicate Filter, you can find and delete duplicate files instantly and easily. It is the fastest and most accurate program of its kind. It will instantly scan your computer for duplicate files and display them in an easy to understand report.

From now on, let's find duplicate files and free a large amount of disk space with Duplicate Filter!

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I downloaded it and found it is best program to find and remove duplicate files on windows 7. It helps me make my windows 7 much more organized and run much faster.

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