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Music Dupes Finder

Are you fond of listening music and have stored multiple Mp3 files on your Windows 7? Do you find that there are many copied songs on your computer and the same songs repeat all the time? If you want to clean up your music dupes files, you can choose Duplicate Filter. It is best free software that removes duplicate songs on PC to help organize your music collection and free up your hard disk space.

Duplicate Filter has a special feature of searching MP3 duplications. It supports not only locating cloned music files but also safely getting rid of them.There are three ways to locate your songs files.

* Locate MP3 duplicates by Title
In this way, you can scan and delete all those MP3 files with the same title although they locate in different files.
* Check music documents by Artist
It supports you to find the MP3 files with the same Artist and then move them to a new folder, so that all MP3 files with the same Artist can be put together on your Windows.

* Search for songs by Album
You are able to find out the MP3 files with the same album and move them to a new folder in order to put music files with the same album together. 

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Now come to the specific steps for finding and deleting duplicate music files.

1. Run Duplicate Filter on your machine and click "Settings".

2. Select the search mode on Mp3 Tag: Title, Artist or/And Album.

3. Click "Find Duplicates" and add folders to scan duplicate songs.

4. Select "Mp3 Tag" in Compare Mode

5. Choose "Music Files" in File Types or edit more in "Music" tab

6. Adjust the scanning speed. 

7. Click "Scan" button and then  a chart  shows whether there are duplicate songs in your target folders.

8. Close the chart and a specific search results window will be displayed by Group/Name/Path/Size/Modified date.

9. Right Click the results and you can choose "Open Folder/Delete/Move to Recycle Bin/Rename/Move to Folder/ Move to Folder (With File Directory Structure)"

Pretty easy, right! Duplicate Filter is really a user-friendly and reliable program to get rid of unwanted music copies. Free version is available! Please free download this music dupes remover app to have a free trial now. If you want more information, please enter our home page.


I tried this program and it works perfectly. It will help to find and weed out duplicate music files on my computer, because I have a lot of dupe mp3 files and most of them are unwanted. This is an awesome program. Thanks!

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