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How to Find Double Files on PC

You might occasionally discover double (or seemingly double) files on your computer. This usually happens if you save copies of the same file in different locations on your computer. Double files waste storage space and can make it difficult to manage your files, since it's more difficult to find the version you want when several files have the same name. If your computer has many duplicate double files, you might want to use a program designed to find and delete double files.

You may ask such questions," How do I scan for double files? How to find and delete double unnessary files on pc?" It can be helpful to use dupe remover software. Among many duplicates detecter and deleter applications, Duplicate Filter is the best free program designed to find and remove double files.


How to sort and delete double files on PC with Duplicate Filter? (Only three easy steps for deleting double files!)

Step 1: Select folders or hard drives to scan for double files. You can choose the comparison mode and types of files. Then the program will automatically find out all duplicates.

Step2: Select duplicate files you want to delete. You can select files manually, or batch select many files at a time so that you can remove duplicates.

Step3: Remove duplicate files or resolve them in your desired ways. You just need one click to select how to manage your duplicate files: rename, move and remove.

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Want to search for double files on computer to improve performance of your PC? Try Duplicate Filter right now!


I have used this tool to search for duplicate files on my pc. It is the best one I've ever tried before.

I am highly impressed with this and it is one of the ONLY duplicate cleaners I trust to multi-select and delete my files.

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