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How to Detect and Remove Duplicate Files?

If you have a problem with many redundant copies of files, cluttering your hard drives or network and ask, "How do i get rid of double or triple copies of songs or data on my pc?", Duplicate Filter is the best free program for you! When working with images, mp3s, other documents, making backups, or just accessing the internet it is easy to accumulate a lot of files that are in fact clones, they have the exact same contents.

It is not as easy to check these duplicate files, because they may have different names or be located in different folders or on different disks or computers. Duplicate Filter will find these dupe files for you and gives you excellent ways of managing and removing both duplicate files and folders.

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Duplicate Filter performs a byte by byte scan on all duplicate files, which is the only way to be 100% sure that the files are true duplicate files. This scan makes Duplicate Filter safe to use, you can be certain that no files that are not identical will be deleted.

How to detect and remove duplicate files on computer with Duplicate Filter software ?

* Select a folder or harddrive you wish to scan for duplicate files, the program will automatically find out all duplicates.

* You can select files mannually, or batch select many files at a time so that you can remove duplicates.

* You just need one click to select how to manage your duplicate files: rename, move and remove.

To read more about Duplicate Filter visit Features and Online Manual.


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