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Best Recommended Freeware Duplicate File Remover

How to remove unwanted files from hard drives? Are you looking for a free software to delete duplicate files without wasting time? Is there a totally free duplicate file remover out there? Yes, that's Duplicate Filter! It can be your best free software for duplicate file finder and remover, which will provide a special search mode that allows you to instanly find and remove duplicate files in your system.

Duplicate Filter  is your reliable tool to help find and remove duplicate files in your PC and other neytworked computers. It utilizes a powerful search engine that can find files in different ways either by file name, content,size, etc and shows you exactly where your duplicate files are (even when the file names are different). This freeware is capable of searching for all types of files from multiple folders, drives, removable storage devices, even network shares - all in a single pass and easily deleting them or moving them to a separate folder of your choice.  

The duplicate file remover program can support all Windows platforms including Windows 7, Windows xp, Windows Vista and it can even be compatible with Apple Mac. In addition, this software can also help find the largest files in each folder and you can remove those unneccessary files that may waste your disk space. Therefore, Duplicate Filter is the best product to free up your disk space.

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Significant Features of Duplicate Filter

  • Very user-friendly wizard-driven interface
  • 100% accurate byte by byte comparison
  • Find files with same contents or same name
  • Find duplicate pictures, videos, music (MP3, WMA, etc)
  • Search both local and network disks
  • Look for duplicates in a given set of folders (i.e. without searching the whole drive)
  • Allows important folders to be excluded from scanning altogether
  • De-dupe and clean up your music file collection
  • Eliminate time wasted performing virus scans on duplicate files
  • Rename, move or remove your selected duplicate files easily
  • And much more...

    Free Version is Available!

    Duplicate Filter is a totally free software program to find and remove duplicate files. After the free download and installation, you can quickly scan your pc to find and eliminate file duplicates. You can also upgrade the software program to the Professional edition to emjoy more features at affordable price. Definitely, this duplicate file remover Pro version will let remove duplicate files more efficiently.

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    Scan, compare and remove your duplicate files with Duplicate Filter!

    Why Look for file duplicates? You may be surprised the first time you run a duplicate file finder on your computer. An average computer may have hundreds even thousands of duplicate files. There are many reasons this occurs, for example a person may continue to transfer new photos over from their digital camera. During each transfer previous photos are being copied again with the new photos. Before too long there may be multiple copies of the same photo on the computer. At this moment, an effective free duplicate photo remover is neccessary!

    Having multiple duplicates on your computer wastes space, creates longer backups and in general can be just annoying when you go to look for a particular file. Duplicate Filter will keep your computer organized by periodic usage, and could even save you money if you pay for a backup service.

    Why Choose Duplicate Filter? When it comes to choose best product at the best value - we know you have several choices. But no other product is more accurate or more reliable than Duplicate Filter. It has been one of the most highly downloaded duplicate file finder and remover applications on the Internet. We believe it’s because people have been so happy with the results they’ve spread the word.

    The use of Duplicate Filter brings you many benefits. It reduces backup time and backup costs. It helps to organizes files on your computer for easier and faster searches. It reduces frustration when looking for specific files. It saves disk space. It improves efficiency on your desktop, makes finding duplicates much easier.
    Duplicate Filter locates and resolves duplicate files of all types! The intuitive interface of this duplicate search tool makes operations easy. The optimized search engine quickly scans all locations for any duplicate file. Advanced comparison methods quickly check and find all duplicates files at your computer. The fast byte-by-byte comparison mode identifies true duplicates. Powerful selecting options help you to resolve duplicates with accuracy. Not limited to just certain file types, can check for duplicate music files, duplicate photo files, duplicate video filesand many more!

    If you are looking for duolicate file remover free download, Duplicate Filter can be your best choice! It is the best duplicate file remover freeware we highly recommed! Try out Duplicate Filter for yourself, and see how easy it is to find and remove duplicate files that you want! Download the software and try it now!


    Duplicate Filter helps me to find out the same files and folders by names,size,scope,etc.It is very easy to use and it is totally free!I really like it!

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