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Remove Redundant Files In Your PC


As time  went by,there may be many redundant files in your computer.Are you seeking for an easy program to delete the unwanted files ?Duplicate Filter ,which is a powerful and user-friendly software and it provides multiple functions as well.

You may not notice it at the very beginning , but a deeper look will surely exposed a few duplicate files on your hard drive, they are occupying precious disk space. You may not realize the serious of the duplicate files so you are going to stay there, waiting for help. Definitely not. You should quickly find out the cloned files and remove them into another place.

There are different kinds of duplicate tools in the market,depending on the type of file you want to delete. No matter what kind of duplicate files you want to find ,Duplicate Filter can meet your needs.You can find general purpose tools, and also other tools that have been specifically designed to find duplicate document files or duplicate photos. Whatever your personal situation is, take a look at the following  features of Duplicate Filter.
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*Easy for any users, specially design for novice users.
*Fast find and identify duplicate files, because it runs much more quickly than others in its class, very safe and reliable.
*.Scan any duplicates both in your computer and neighborhood PCs
3.Find out unwanted files in any folders by Cyclic Redundancy Checks (CRC), CRC+Name (Exact), Name and Size, MP3 tag 
*.Compare whether two files are identical by using CRC 32 comparison.
*Reduce files searching time by the way of searching duplicates by any file types, including Documents, Pictures, Videos Files, MP3 files,WMA files or  Unzip Files,etc. If you search by photos, you can preview the selected pictures by left clicking your mouse.
*Locate the biggest files that occupy your disk space, and delete useless big files. By this way you can easily and quickly free a large amount of disk space.
*Scan your computer or neighbor computers in your network to see if there are any duplicates that are identical or similar to a specified file.
*Change  the scan speed. Lower speed can save CPU occupancy rate.
*Except for the above functions,you can set up the followings:(This function can better protect the Drive C,because sometimes the important files may be deleted by mistakes.)There are several options for you to select :
---- Do not scan system folder
---- Do not scan hidden files
---- File Date Scope
---- File Size Scope
----Show charts when scan is finished
----Do not scan or Only scan your specified file types.
----Find duplicate MP3 by Title, Artist, Album
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Why Duplicate Filter ?
1.Free up your disk space
To meet the increasing files in your computer,you may feel difficult to find out a desired file within a few seconds.Due to the redundant files,your disk space is packed.At this moment,you should find a solution-----Duplicate Filter.Duplicate Filter can help you figure out the cloned files and delete them into the recycle bin or remove them into another folder.Almost every person store MP3 songs in their personal computer.But there may generate the same files sometimes.Therefore,try Duplicate Filter,it will help you maintain your system health and life by cleaning it of duplicate music files which take up your valuable hard disk space. Duplicate MP3 files can be created for various reasons and it has detrimental effects on your system performance. This reliable tool can distinguish duplicate songs byte by byte for accurate and faster results. It has the strong ability to instantly find and remove dupe MP3 files. It is a useful MP3 duplicate finder and remover for you.Also,you can share the duplicate files to your friends. 

2. Multi-functional duplicate tool
Except for delete and remove the unnecessary files to another place,you can also do other things on duplicate files.You can rename the files as well.In addition,you can customize the interface as you like.There are several colors ,it includes purple,black,blue,white,green ,red or none.

How to use Duplicate Filter?

How to Find Duplicates for a User Specified File

1.Click on "Tools - Duplicate File Search Tool".

2.Select a specified file you want, then select the search scope and search mode.

3.Click "Start" button to start searching.

How to Find Duplicate Files

1. Click "Add Folder" button in "Find Duplicate" section to select the folders you wish.

2. Select Compare Mode: Check by Name+Size, by CRC+Name, by CRC, by Name only, by Size .

3. Click "Scan" button and start to find duplicate files.


It really helped me free valuable hard disk space by removing unwanted duplicate files, files that were modified and were similar, had same name or different name but same content within.

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