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Finding and Cleanning Duplicate Files

On your computer many duplicate files get created over time, that occupies considerable amount of disk space and you are not aware of these unwanted duplicate files. The Dulicate Filter utility freeware helps you identify duplicate files in one or more paths. You need to define search location to refine your search to locate duplicate files, photos, pictures, mp3s, songs. You can search for these repeated or similar files in any folders by Cyclic Redundancy Checksum (CRC), CRC+Name (Exact), Name and Size,etc. Program compares the binary content of files and marks as duplicates files those are identical in contents. Once you know the duplicate files, you can rename, move and remove your selected duplicate files easily. You can instantly locate a duplicate file in results by inputting part of the file name.

It is a good idea to check for duplicate files in order to save hard drive space. Videos, music, photos and documents are some of the largest types of files and finding and cleaning duplicates can save you a lot of space! This duplicate search and move files software has an attractive user interface, all features are nicely arranged. You can perform find and delete unwanted duplicate files on your local drives or network computers. Please visit http:///

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