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I have purchased Duplicate Filter. When I went to register the software for the Professional Edition, I entered the order number in the proper location...then, the screen went blank and opened my software for full use. I have the use of the Professional Edition, i think, but I never saw nor was able to write down or enter my key. Will you send my key please just in case I ever have to re-install or upgrade the software?

It is normal, and  you have registerred the software for the Professional Edition successfully. If you re-install or upgrade the software on the same machine, the original license key will still work.
But If you need to use the software on a new computer or if for any reason your computer crashes or certain hardware changes which will make a different hard code, the original license key will not work. Please provide us with the new hard code and we will generate a new license key for you to register the software again.

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