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Find and Organize Duplicate Files

If a system is used by multiple or constantly changing users, you’ll find that files and sometimes even entire file trees have been duplicated over the years. They use up disk space, and can become time consuming when you go to look for a particular file, so removing duplicates (a process called “Deduplication”) is a task that should be performed at regular intervals. But how do you find duplicate files on your computer?

Duplicate Filter will perform a thorough scan enabling you to find and remove duplicate files. Periodic usage of Duplicate Filter will free up your disk space in seconds and keep your computer well organized.

Dupicate Filter Will Find and Resolve:

  • Duplicate Photos and Images
  • Duplicate Music and MP3s
  • Duplicate Video files
  • Duplicate Microsoft Office files
  • Duplicate Folders
  • Fast, Simple and Easy to Use: Detect and Batch Delete Duplicate Files

    This duplicate files remover can scan your hard drive, or specific folders, and identify which files are duplicates. It is especially good for weeding out duplicates in the MP3 or photo collection on your computer.

    For all computer users manually searching for duplicate photos can be a very tedious task. Duplicate Filter is the best solution to that problem. It very quickly scans your computer for duplicate file and makes it easy to decide which photos to keep an which to remove.

    Duplicate Filter - Best Free Double File Remover& Organizer For PC

  • Move unnecessary duplicate files to Recycle Bin (Delete unnecessary files temporarily)
  • Remove unwanted files permanently
  • Rename selected duplicate files, move them to another folder, open the folder they are located
  • Features and Benefits of Using Duplicate Filter

  • Reduces time of finding duplicates
  • Reduces frustration when looking for the largest files
  • Organizes files on your computer for easier and faster searches
  • Saves disk space 
  • Improves efficiency on your desktop, makes finding duplicate files much easier
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    More About Duplicate Filter:

    * Free Download, Free software to find and remove duplicate files from computer

    Please feel free to download Duplicate Filter on our free download page to have a free trial experience: http://duplicatefilter/Download.asp

    * Duplicate Filter has a permanent free version

    After you download and install Duplicate Filter, you will get a permanent free edition (freeware). You may upgrade to Professional edition to get rid of some limitations in the free version. Please view to compare editions.

    * Low-cost but powerful Pro edition available

    You can try the free software first before buying Professional edition. In fact, the Professional edition is the most powerful with the lowest price. For price information, please view

    If you want to learn more about how to determine and get rid of unwanted duplicates using Duplicate Filter free program, please enter our Online Manual page:

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