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Excellent Duplicate Cleaner

Are you suffering the redundant files?Are you annoyed with sluggish PC?Do you want to clean up your hard disk space? Duplicate Filter is a useful and easy program to help you organize  files of your personal computer or business
network.You would be surprised using this excellent tool to delete your dupe files,your disk space will be free up again!
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*Find duplicate files
With Duplicate Filter ,you can scan any kinds of files such as MP3,Album,etc. by name or size.Also,you can scan large files within few seconds,there is no limitation about the file size or scales .There is a highlight feature that it can scan your local PC or neighbour computers via LAN .You do not have to operate multiple computers to find a file.In addition,you can view the scan result by charts,which is more straightforward and conspicuous.


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*Remove duplicate files
Different from other duplicate tools,Duplicate Filter can also remove files.Even though you are a new-user of computer,it is quite esay and flexible to set the file scanning.By using Duplicate Filter ,you can open the folder where a duplicate file is located,plus,you can move unwanted files to recycle bin or delete them perrmanently.Moreover,files move to another folder is also available.



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*Perfect file search tool
More and more people use Duplicate Filter to free up there disk space because it has strong features.It can find out dupe files or similar files by CRC(Cyclic Redundancy Check),name,size or their combinations.Some people may doubt that their file size is too huge to scan,but with Duplicate Filter ,you can remove or delete the unnecessary  files
and specify file types for huge file search.


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*File scan setting
Unlike other duplicate finder,you can set the scan option as you want.Duplicate Filter lets you set the scan scope on file date,size and attribution.In addition,you can skip file types which you do not want to scan .



User's Feedback :

James is an American song's composer,there are thousands of MP3 files in his PC.However,he faces a problem .His hard disk is getting  packed,so he should find out the duplicate files to free up his disk's space.He reminded that,thanks to Duplicate Filter,he can easily find out redundant files and delete them in a bunch.After that ,his inspiration comes back ,beautfiul melodies are booming !

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A hard disk is like a friendly container--duplicate files and spams occupy to fill available space. A good duplicate file finder will help you reduce your unwanted and unnecessary files and folders . It can scan any types of  files with the simialr name, the same size, or any scopes. It helps you examine each file and decide which one to keep. You can also set the the scopes which you do not wnat to search .It is really a time saver and clener helper.

I'm going to recommend Duplicate Filter to all of you !



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