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Perfect Duplicate File Finder

Have you downloaded multiple files from the internet that a bunch of document,MP3 files,photos 
and pictures are taking up your hard disk space?Do  you find your computer runs much more 
slowly than before?Do you want to figure out how much cloned files in your PC?If you do want to 
solved all these problem,Duplicate Filter will help you.If you are still suffering the difficulty to find 

Why Duplicate Filter?
Duplicate Filter is a powerful and perfect software for finding and deleting unwanted duplicate 
documents, pictures, music, video, and many more to free up your disk space and reduce much 
more storage space for the backups and the time need to perform the backup.
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Highlight features:
*Find duplicate files by content 
Duplicate Filter is a powerful utility for finding and eliminating duplicate files in your PC and 
neighborhood computers. This duplicate file finder freeware uses CRC theory and has internal 
preview supporting a lot of images, videos, music and text file formats. It will compare the content 
of your files so it will find duplicate files even if they are using different file names. It will analyze 
the content of the files in order to check similar files and not just file attributes like name and size 
as the other duplicate file finders do.

*Multiple compare modes
Different from other duplicate finder,Duplicate Filter can search duplicate files by multiple 
methods,they include Name+Size,Name+Content,Content(Exact),Content(CRC Sampling),Size, 
MP3 Tag,etc.
Data Maintenance
*File protection 
Using Duplicate Filter, you can skip the hidden files and folders from scanning, choose the 
undesired file , such as system folders in Drive C, or exclude important files from scanning. You 
only need to simply tick “Do not scan system folder”, “Do not scan hidden files” in “Settings”, or “

Do not scan the following file types.This feature can better protect your system that guarantees 

important files would not be removed and deleted.

*Large file remove
It must be some huge files in your computer ,so you need to delete the duplicate files in order to 

free up your disk space.Duplicate Filter has a strong function that lets you delete and remove the 

cloned large files.You can choose the largest 10~500 files,also ,you can choose which type of huge 


Other key features:
*Search various kind of files
Duplicate Filter allows you to scan duplicates for many file types, documents, photos, zip files, 
videos, music, user-defined files, etc. If the file types tab doesn’t have the one you want, you can 
also add what you prefer to locate.

*Advanced filtering
Duplicate Filter enables you to customize the file size and date scope freely. You can find and 
remove the duplicates in your defined size or time scope.

*Multiple options to do with the results 
After scanning,there will be a scan result there, you can choose the next action you want.Just right 
click a duplicate to select whatever option you want, such as “open folder”, “delete”, “move to 
recycle bin”, “rename” and so on.

Duplicate Filter has a user-friendly interface. It is very easy-to-use for users, especially for novice 
users.Even though you are not familiar with computer technique,you can simply find duplicate files 
you wanted.

*Application logs 
All removal actions and details are maintained in the Application Logs. You can check your delete 
files history there to see what action you have performed and what time you did that.

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How to get rid of unnecessary files in WIN7?
1. Download and install Duplicate Filter software
2.Operate this duplicate file management program.
3. Single click on “Find Duplicates”
4. Add folders in which you would like to search for duplicates. You may select to scan your entire 
E drive, or only to scan specific folders in a drive .
5. Select compare mode (Name, Name+Size, Name+Content,CRC32,CRC Sampling, Size, Mp3 
6.Make sure which file typed you would like to scan for and clean up. For example, you may want to 
search for documents, pictures or compressed files, or if you cannot find the one you want, you can 
add it to the file types.
7. Click “Scan”. A chart will pop up to show whether there are duplicates in the folders or drives 
you scan.
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How easy for you to delete unwanted files in your PC!If you do want to find out duplicate files,if 
you do want to free up your disk space,if you do want to make your PC runs more fast,try Duplicate 
Filter,that will be a wise choice!

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