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Duplicate File Software

Are you suffering the redundant files in your computer?Do you want to free up your PC easily?Do you want to own a freeware to help you speed up your desktop?Download Duplicate Filter!Duplicate Filter performs a  byte by byte scan on all duplicate files,which can instantly find out all types of files in your PC and remote networks.Plus,you can manage,remove and move duplicate files.
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Key features about Duplicate Filter
*Find Duplicate File
----Duplicate Filter lets you find duplicate files in any hard drives,folders and neighbor laptops
---Fast speed duplicate file scan ,Duplicate Filter can check out the dupe files by (name+size)
----Accurate duplicate file checker ,Duplicate Filter can check by (CRC+Name)
Notes: CRC means Cyclic Redundancy Check,which is more exact to find out desired files.
-----Multiple modes to find duplicate files ,it lets you check by CRC only(same content),or by name only,by size only,etc
----Locate a duplicate file by entering part of the file name.Once you forget the whole file name ,you just need to enter keywords of the file,Duplicate Filter will help you figure out
----Show charts by duplicate types,size and quantity.With a colorful chart ,you can easily see the result of scanning,which will be much more transparent
----Available for you to scan files in local network or remote network.If you want to find out duplicate files in other PCs,you do not need to go in front of  the computers ,that is quite convenient!
Usage Scenarios
*Remove Duplicate Files
----Duplicate Filter is a flexible and easy tool to let you find duplicate files.You can set up the scan methods to each searching action.
----Open the folder where a duplicate file is locate.After scanning,you can open the specified file in a folder,you can choose what to do next,both delete or retain.
----Remove the duplicate file permanently.If you do not like to many same files in your desktop or computer,you can throw them out of your computer disk.
-----Move desired duplicate file into recycle bin.If you are afraid of deleting a file by mistake,you can firstly throw them into the recycle bin,so that you can restore them someday if you need.
----Rename the duplicate file.If you want to change a better name or a more smart name of a file,you can rename it by your own self.
----Move duplicate file into another folder.Supposed you have lots of files in Drive C,but the disk is full of files,so you can move the files into another folder or drives easily.

*Largest File Search
---Duplicate File supports you to find huge size files in your PC,so you do not have to worry about the limitation of one file.In addition,any types of large file can be found as well.
Finder Keywords
----Find duplicate fils by varying degree of similarity
----Search duplicates for a user specified file
----Scan your computer or shared folders on neighbour computers in your network to see if there are any duplicates that are identical or similar to a specified file.
----Resolve duplicate files in your desired ways
----Compare two files by CRC
-----Permanent freeware is available !

Plot one(at office):
Tom is one of the employee in A&B company in USA,his manager tells him to find out a document that need to be signed this morning. Unfortunately,there are so many duplicate files in the computer.It takes time for him the find the exact file.He feels worry and anxious.Just at that moment,he reminds that there is a software called Duplicate Filter.He uses the tool to help him identify which is the desired file he found.Within few seconds,he can find out the required file and send it to his manager.

Plot tow (at home):
Ann is a high school student and burdens lots of homework.This Wednesday,she need to finish some work in the computer.She needs to complete a project so she had searched huge amount of information on the internet.Because of too many data there,the speed of the computer become slower and slower.At that moment,her father told her to use Duplicate Filter and she did it .After deleting the duplicate files ,the hard disk space has been freed up and computer becomes more faster than before.

Competitors' ad keywords
If you have a problem with many redundant copies of files,of double or  cluttering your hard drives or network and ask, "How do i get rid triple copies of songs or data on my PC?", Duplicate Filter is the best free program for you! When working with images, MP3, other documents, making backups, or just accessing the internet it is easy to accumulate a lot of files that are in fact clones, they have the exact same contents.

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