How to Find Duplicate Files

1. Click "Add Folder" button in "Find Duplicate" section to select the folders you wish.

2. Select Compare Mode: Check by Name+Size, by CRC+Name, by CRConly, by Name only, by Size only.

3. Click "Scan" button and start to find duplicate files.

  • You can scan both local computers and neighborhood computers in network.
  • Free Edition only allows "Name+Size" compare mode.
  • You can delete any selected folder or clear all of them and even cancel finding duplicate files.
  • Scan Speed is available to be adjusted.

4. After scan is completed, there will show charts by duplicate file type, size and quantity.

If no duplicate file is found, there will show charts like as follows:


  • For how to compare two files by CRC, please view "File CRC Compare Tool" in "Tools" section.
  • For how to find duplicates for a user specified file, please view "Duplicate File Search Tool" in "Tools" section.